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Ways To Enhance Your Artistic Experience

Are you an artist?  Do you like to draw?  How about coloring in a coloring book?  If this sounds like you, then you will love to find out ways to enhance your drawing and artistic experience.  For many people drawing and artistic projects are great ways to destress.  For others, it is a way to express their creativity.  Here are some tips you can use to accomplish both.

Use different pens

coloring book

Many people will use crayons to draw, however, there are many different types of artistic supplies that you can use in your artistic endeavors.  You can use gel pens, glitter pens, oil markers, watercolor pens and so much more.  When we use these different types of mediums to work in our artwork, we can create a wide range of different results. 

Outline your work

Use a dark black pen to outline your artwork.  This dark outline will help enhance our artwork and make what color we add to the images pop unlike anything else.  When we outline, we can use thin lines, dark lines and a combination of artistic styles to make our drawings come to life.

Use glue and glitter

Another way to enhance our artwork is to use glue, glitter and other embellishments to bring what we have to life.  When using these embellishments make sure that you give them time to dry, that you use them on paper that is thick enough to handle the materials you want and if necessary, prep your work onto backer board or another hard surface that will support your artwork.

Display your artwork proudly

After going through all of your artwork, don’t put it in a drawer for no one to see.  You want to take your artwork and display it proudly.  When we display our artwork, we can enjoy it personally and allow others to enjoy it.  We can also take inspiration from our previous work to create even better work in the future.