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How To Wire A 100 Amp Sub Panel. You can use 4 AWG 75 deg C or 90 Deg C copper wire in conduit for a 100 A breaker provided the breaker is labeled for use with 75 deg C wire. Single Conductor 2 gauge THHN Copper Wire.

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Single Conductor 3 gauge THHN Copper Wire. Depending on the wires length and the temperature rating you will need around a 3-gauge copper wire to power a 100-amp subpanel. I plan to install a 100 AMP circuit breaker in the house panel.

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Needs to be buried in a conduit. Detached bldgs require a main breaker sub and subs installed in an attached bldg are OK to use a main lug sub. 2 2 THHNTHWN-2 Wire for 100 amp sub-panel. Tape the neutral feed with white tape at each end.